Monday, 26 May 2014


"Allah hu-Akbar... Allah hu-Akbar," the sound of the Azaan struck his ears. The news of a rising sun got modulated throughout the sky on waves of the cold night air which blew to bask itself warm in the rays of the sun. The birds chirped and started transferring the glad tiding of day break from one branch to another. The grey streaks of clouds in the sky started to get a red tint due to the emerging fire-ball from the depths of the ocean.

"Ashhadu-Allah ilaaha...," Amit jumped off his sleep. Drops of perspiration oozed from his forehead and wetted his eyebrows. He was shivering and sweating heavily, trying hard to remember his nightmare. Reality, however, was not much better than the deadly dream he had just forgotten. He looked out of the iron bars which restricted him into the cubical. It was dark in the corridor outside, barely visible. He looked up, the ventilator just got illuminated with feeble light. He knew this was the last sunrise he'll ever see. He looked at the watch, 4:30 AM it showed. "Just six hours remain," he thought to himself trying hard not to explode into tears.

"Hayyalas-Salah...," the Azaan continued. "Come to prayer, this means. Faizan had told me once," he thought. "Faizan, yes, the reason I am here. I deserve to be here, I deserve to be executed," he shouted as tear drops fell from his eyes. A strange fear, an unseen void started to overtake him. He was numb, could hardly feel his own limbs. He felt like someone has held his heart and is pressing it every moment. He could hear the pushes, the attempts his heart made to pump blood. He could feel the air going into his lungs. "All this will stop in 6 hours," a voice in his mind said. He got goosebumps.

"Hayyalal-Falah...," he smiled as he heard this. "Come to success? Huh! there is just failure, death before me." He had often shouted in debates how God wasn't something real, how human beings used religion for destruction and how their ancestors had fabricated God to reign over people. But this day, this very last day, he felt the sudden impulse to cry, to cry to a higher power, to cry to God. "Oh Lord! Save me!" he uttered and fell upon his face. Stream of tears flowed off his swollen eyes. He found himself plunging deep, deep down into the dark, murky valley of thoughts. The thoughts so overtook him that he soon fainted.

~5 years earlier~

"Have you gone mad, Amit?" Faizan shouted at the top of his voice.
"No, I haven't. You deserve it. How can you back stab your best friend and sleep with Anamika?"

Love or aptly said, obsession, urges you to perform devilish wrongs even to the people you love. Amit's eyes burned red with rage as did the flame the emerging from his lighter. Faizan lay there bleeding and dripping in the petrol which Amit had just poured over him.

"No, no..Amit. Please don't do this. I'm...I'm sorry," Faizan cried.
"No, the likes of you are destined to burn on earth and in hell."

He threw the burning lighter on Faizan. Flames erupted from his body. Faizan cried in pain. Amit conscience shook him. "What the crap am I doing?" he thought and ran to Faizan's rescue but it was late. The fire had burned a lot of his body. He tried to extinguish the fire by throwing water on it but to no results. He ran outside and brought some sand with him. As he threw the sand he saw a dark body lying there beyond recognition.

Next he remembered seeing himself in police custody. A case was filed against him. It went on for four years before he broke down in front of the judge and accepted his crime.

~Present Day 10:00 PM~

He was being taken to the execution spot, his face covered with black cloth. He couldn't feel much of the air by now, he was already dead in his thoughts probably. "It won't be painful. Just a bone will break. Much less painful than your crime," a voice told him.

Faizan's mother, Aaminah, stood their looking high up. Her heart finally content with the vendetta. She knew his death won't bury the pain of losing a 20 year old son but would definitely give her the satisfaction that the murderer of her child is not roaming free, alive.

Amit was made to stand under the rope. He could feel death overpowering him. Any moment now could be his last. Tears wetted the black cloth. The rope was now over his neck. "Forgive me, please." he cried.

Aaminah went near him, took off the rope and slapped him hard. "This is for killing my boy," she said and went away.

She was a mother after all.