Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Her Moist Eyes

After those heavy raindrops earlier that day the heaven started sending light drizzles as if t’were teasing every soul in Najibabad. Both of them came out in a mirthful mood from the school. The sprinkles moistening her face and her hair wet. The trees and flowers all smiling with a renewed energy having a glossy touch of water. The sky smeared with varying shades of gray all darkened to black in the fast east corner. All the streets leading to and from St. Mary’s School were full of mud mixed water. They started cycling to their way home with each other talking about the day’s events at school.
“It was fun at school today, no?”, she asked.
“I find all happiness and fun while looking into your eyes”, he replied.
“You should think out of romance at times, huh”, smiling she rebuked.
He increased his pace as they entered a street filled with water to a much higher level than the others and overtook her by about 5 meters. He turned to see where she was and found her cycling slow, almost stuck in water filled up to knees. His eyes met her eyes and he saw a glare in her eyes and could’nt make out if it was a tear or a droplet of water.
Her eyes were requesting him to come and support her, he thought. He stopped where he was, turned back, went to her, held her hand and bicycle. Both of them got off from their bicycles and started moving in that muddy water laughing. Their shoes, socks and pants all wet in mud and water. They cycled for the next mile almost shut, no interaction at all.
“Why did you stop and return?”, she asked.
“I turned back and looked into your eyes and found your eyes calling me near you, to hold you, to be with you. I thought it would hardly matter if I don’t go back but still I have to go, I have to hold you up in your minutest of problems, I have to be by your side whenever you need me. I just had to be with you”, he replied with teary eyes.
“You always read my eyes!”, she complimented.
“That’s because I love you.”

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Nature's Living

I watch the sparrow twitter above, 
Watch the peaceful flight of the dove.
Watch her take off into the sky so blue,
O how i wish i was one of you ! 
Chirping and Flying away with no care, 
Of the griefs n' trials of fate unaware. 
Back to your nests as evening clouds swirl, 
O such life is beyond gold n' pearl ! 
I watch the silvery fishes in waters swim, 
Watch them striving sea filled to brim. 
Watch the roses the white, the red, 
O how far from such serenity are we fled. 
I watch the radiant sun arching across sky, 
Watch its impartial rays reach every eye. 
Watch the cool light of the beaming moon, 
Beauties of nature are indeed a boon. 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Million Heart Desires...

'Million Heart Desires' is a naturilicious poem about the unfulfilled wishes of human heart.

Far in the dark sky, the moon shines,
Hiding behind the snow covered pines.
Purged by the milky beams pure,
I wish I could fly with doves singing ashore.

Seven colored bow garnishing heaven blue,
Drops moistening the sky, spreading million hue.
Butterflies fluttering near flower beds in fleet,
I wish I could move tasting nectars sweet.

The blue-green sea, monstrous and calm,
The virbrant fishes swimming with charm.
I wish I could dive and find depths anew,
Million desires of naive heart, life fulfills few! 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Thy Remembrance

As the crimson sun brightens,
Grinning the dark sky whitens,
Young buds awaken ready to bloom,
My world lies saddened in gloom. 

Flying in the dawn's candid breeze,
Dancing under the heavens even drops,
O I recall your face moist & shining,
Tiny crystals on your brows reclining. 

Smiling at me when you used to twitter, 
O Why dreams 've all started to wither. 
Walking lone knowing not of this street, 
Without you all smiles do retreat. 

O how I could return in time to hold it still, 
To live with you a life serene and tranquil. 

The Unforgettable Leaves

'The Unforgettable Leaves' is a nostalgic poem remembering beautiful days of childhood comparing it with today's empty lives
'The Unforgettable Leaves' is a nostalgic poem reminiscing the golden days of childhood & comparing it with today's empty lives.

Today walking on these busy streets,
Across the hazy smoke I see. 
A blurred imagery of what I was once,
An image faded of griefs weighing tonnes.

The "runs" after those falling kites,
Following those butterflies with colors bright.
The fighting for pencils, the crying for toys,
Climbing trees and jumping with joys.


The eyes sparkling with millions of dreams,
Few fulfilled rest lost in swifting time-streams.
The tranquilizing raindrops, tiny gifts from heaven, 
The colorful boats 'sailing' on waters uneven. 

Here I am, moving toxicated with desires, 
Still holding onto memories like ashes of fire.