Sunday, 13 April 2014

In Quest of Knowledge

Imagine time flowing backwards. The clocks ticking anti, fallen leaves going up and becoming green again, the dead coming back to life, cellphones, laptops and all the cool-awesome-tech-stuff disappearing...Oh wait! Enough of the imagination thing. You cannot just imagine your life like that or can you?

Imagine yourself walking miles to study under tress in open air. Gaining knowledge was tough back then but now it's easy. A google search... Oh stop! Is it really that easy? Just because you have Google and Bing to search stuff and Ctrl-F to find things quickly do you think getting knowledge has become easy? Think again!

The most important question, why are you in a quest of knowledge? If you seek knowledge because you need an answer to a question or you need to reply and shut someone up in that debate which is going on on Facebook and you open a new tab and start typing, "what is...", you're not gaining knowledge. If you are gaining knowledge so that you can brag about it before other people, you're defying the whole purpose of knowledge.

What is the quest for knowledge? It's the same when tiny insects run after sources of light, a thirst which can only be quenched by the soil of your grave. And you seriously thought alcohol was addictive? Try tasting a drop from this ocean, you'll want to suck it up all.

True knowledge is meant to make you think more and shout less. It is meant to make you wonder and want more of it. A touch of knowledge will make you arrogant but a dip in this sacred pool will make you humble.

I take an example from my own self. At an early stage of life I used to think that I am an awesome programmer and I know everything but then I got more into it and I realized that if the entire earth were full of water I hadn't even tasted a tiny drop in totality. You think you're cool? Dude try assembly language.

Why knowledge? For sharing for sure. When you die, nothing will remain after you except the knowledge spread by you. But people will learn from me and ditch me? For this I have a solution I use myself. Teach people and learn something more and better. This way you'll teach everyone and will still have an edge over them.

Knowledge is open! Knowledge is free!


"Mumma I want those glasses," shouted the boy while the family came out of the auditorium. It was the first time he had watched a 3D movie. All the cool and colorful stuff in an extra dimension fascinated him. He thought that the world would look awesome and come alive when he looked through the glasses. Little did he know that the world was already awesome and cruel enough in its three dimensions. About the life, yes, the world has been dead partly of late.

"No, son. We have to return the glasses back to the cinema staff after watching the movie."
"No, no. I want it, I want it." he cried again.

His father went inside the hall again and purchased the glasses. The worker was reluctant to give it, but money, you see, can buy almost everything. He gave the glasses to his son and they got into the car.

"Why does this not look as it looked inside? It's not the same."
"It's the same boy."
"No, it's not the same." the boy shouted again as his father drove the car.
"If it's not the same then throw it and shut up." the mother replied, irritated.

The boy pressed, disfigured the glasses and threw them out of the car.

A group of street children ran after the car. They used to run after every shiny, swift car. One of them saw the falling pieces of glass. He picked them up and gazed at them for some time. The glasses were colorful, red and green. He smiled like he just found a box full of jewels. He took a piece of glass and looked through it. The world looked beautiful with a greenish tint. Then he took the red piece and kept it over the other eye. He gazed at the beautiful patterns his tiny eyes created in the air in amazement. He laughed and ran towards his friends to show them the miracle.

Someone was happy in the end.