Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Street Girl

It was the mid monsoon season, the sky full of varying hues which blended into white near the horizon. A black patch here and another white one near it gave the illusion of the world being transformed into gray-scale. Water poured as if the heaven had been flooded due to some reason and was draining its waste.

Choti was standing under a small shade on the entrance of a small house which barely guarded her from the cruel chilling rain water. Choti? Yes, that was the name she was accustomed to hear. She almost forgot she was once named Shipra. Her pink frock was torn at the edges with stains of mud all over.

Shivering bitterly of cold but the need of her belly faded away the effect of cold weather. She had not eaten a morsel since the last day. How would she have when she has nobody to cook for and feed her? She cried at times when she remembered her mother, her only parent since childhood whom fate snatched from her a month ago.

‘It is good to cry in the rain because then nobody knows that you are crying’, a statement oft repeated by people did not hold good for her. How would she get food if she did not get sympathy?

The gate behind her beautifully carved and polished with silvery color having numerous red flowers with a large glittering WELCOME written at the top. The ‘WELCOME’ caught her attention.
‘May be I can get something to eat here?’ she thought.

Knock. Knock.
A man opened the gate.

“What’s the matter with you?”
“I’ve not eaten anything Sir. If I could get some…..”
“We don’t have any food. Go, ask someone else” he shouted interrupting her and banged the door.

She turned back to move to some other option. The road was too slippery to walk. She tried a lot to be firm and hold herself but to no effect. She fell. Her blood droplets fell into the muddy water and transformed into a weird shade of brown.
‘It’s just little blood’ she consoled herself and moved.

She reached the highway. The road was almost empty with few cars moving to and fro at an interval of a minute or so. She started crossing the road with small shivering steps. All of a sudden a white BMW emerged out of nowhere; the driver tried hard but could not stop due to the slippery path.

She was hit with great force and thrown five meters away on her face. Blood smeared all over her face and her head bleeded heavily.

The car owner hurriedly came out of the car to look into the matter.
“Who is it?” asked his wife sitting inside the car.
“Some random street girl”
“Leave her or we’ll get into trouble. The road is empty, no one saw the accident.”

Choti was breathing heavily. The man left her, sat into the car, ignited it and went away. After driving a mile or so he played music to lighten the mood.

Choti was dying.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Fallen Leaf

Driven by the wild selfish air,
Taken through all foul and fair,
I wonder if life always will be,
A fallen leaf yearning to get its tree.

Wind so stroked its ruthless blade,
An instant parting from life was made.
I screamed if someone could hold my fall,
My cry to the dumb world seemed small.

O you who move with pride on earth,
I too was once green with mirth,
Perplexed I’m why bliss is so brief,
Why all paths end up in grief?

I always followed the sun’s amber flight,
Amazed I was when all that was left,
With me was night!