Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Plant that Stood

Heaven full of dark gloomy patches,
Yonder a fierce storm approaches.
Here I stand overflowing of youth,
Agonies of life they say are sooth.
Lo! the storm impulsed me so,
Leaves n' branches stooped all low.
Hither I lie yelling of pain,
Efforts to recuperate all go in vain.
Little they know what feels being solitary,
Men do praise my flowers in flattery.
Tasting the troughs of life being doomed,
Reflected how I was once erect and bloomed.
The violent storm was followed  by rain,
Threw off all dust rejuvenated every vein.
Days passed : now my curve is gone,
And Lo! here I stand up on my own.

I reckon from the heaven a reminder was sent,
Sorrows and cheers of this life are never constant.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Listen O Slumber!

O puissant! intoxicating slumber,
Wherefore art thou lost?
Far and wide I dig thee,
Through all temper and frost.
Say! Beloved Sleep, where art thou found?
Under these lids ye silently creep,
Fly me to a world with peace profound,
Walking through dreams and visions deep.

O Mighty Sleep! sister of death,
Take me with you to heights new;
Weary I am of late with sorrows untold,
Colorful memoirs of past make me view.

Listen O Slumber! mistress of night,
Come hither I invoke thee,
Bring me the skies tied to thy flight,
Come apace here lies an impatient me.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Smile This Moment

Midst the large sad shadows,
Lost in the barren meadows,
Crying of huge griefs is vain,
Even fake smiles shun some pain.

The blazing sun truly does fade,
Blinding its rays are yet again made.
Even in blues, smiles do no harm,
A silent night too has its charm.

Brilliant roses that today do bloom,
Will die hanging withered in gloom.
Bright green leaves that today do run,
Will dry yellow on streets this autumn.

Life! My friend, a swift end venture,
Color its gray with a smiling texture.