Friday, 11 July 2014


After the continuous yelling of the mother, the environment was lit up by the cry of the newborn.
"What is it?" asked Jacob as he stormed into the room.
"A girl," the attendant replied.
"A girl? What did you just say? Is it a girl, Sarah?"
"Yes, my master."

"Oh my Lord! Why have you forsaken me? Is this the outcome of our prayers that you give us a vile creature as our first child?" Jacob looked up and shouted.
"But at least have a look at the girl. She's so beautiful." Sarah requested.
"Not for a mountain of gold will I have a look at her .... Nevertheless, what's done cannot be undone. All we can do right now is get rid of this curse as soon as possible. Go and throw her into the fire before the people become aware of this calamity that has hit us."
“By the maker of heavens and Earth, don't do this to me. It's my first child. For God's sake, have a look at the child.”

Jacob came near Sarah with signs of anger and disgust clearly visible on his face. As he looked at the girl, his facial expression changed. The little creature looked at him with bright eyes and moved her hands as if she were saying, "Take me up, father. I am your very own child."
Jacob also got an impulse to hold the child in his arms but he reined in his emotions. The stern feeling of disgust was however softened by a single look at the child.
"Alright, if you want you can keep the child alive but mind it, no one in the village should know that we had a baby girl. Tell everyone that we buried her alive."
"Yes, my Lord. And thank you."

The girl was named Rebecca by her mother.
She lived happily, away from the public eye. Jacob also developed affection for the child and brought her toys and eatables every now and then.
Five years passed and Rebecca grew up inside the walls of her house. She was rebuked whenever she even thought of going outside.
"You know Sarah, I am scared of one thing always." Jacob said.
"And what is that, my Lord?"
"As you know our law does not allow us to have a girl as the first-born. What if some day the judges of the village come to know about this dual crime of ours?"
"I too am afraid of the same but let's not lose faith in God."

One day Jacob left home early while Rebecca was asleep. Sarah went to have a bath without bothering to shut the gate. Rebecca got up and seeing no one near herself she went outside the room. Seeing that her mother was in the bathroom and the gate was open she went outside to quench her curiosity of the outside world.
"Who are you girl? I've never seen you in the village." a passer-by inquired.
"Yes I don't come out. I am Jacob's daughter." the child replied innocently.
"Jacob's daughter?" the passer-by wondered and went away.

In the evening a messenger came at Jacob's place.
"Jacob, you have been summoned by the judge tomorrow morning."
"Me? Why? What crime have I done?"
"I am not aware of the details. You'll know them tomorrow."

Jacob could not sleep the entire night. He knew what his crime was but what troubled him was how the judge came to know about his daughter.
~ Next Day ~
"Jacob, you have been found guilty of having a girl as the first-born and then concealing it from the people. Do you have anything to say in your defense?"
"No, my Lord."
"The punishment for you is that you'll throw that cursed creature into the well tomorrow and get rid of her but if you fail to do so your entire family will be executed."

Jacob passed the entire night weeping and wondering about the events of the next day.
Next day Sarah dressed up Rebecca in her best clothes.
"Where am I going today, Mum?" she asked.
"Your father will take you out for a camel ride today," Sarah replied with teary eyes.
"Wow, that'd be so cool."

Jacob took her outside on the camel.
"Wow father! This feels so good."
"Y..yes my child."
"Why are you sad, father?"
"To tell you the truth my child, the village folks have ordered me to kill you or they will kill us all."
"Kill me? But what have I done, father?"
"Because you're a girl, my love."
"I love you and Mum. If taking my life can save you then I would love to die."
On hearing this Jacob started weeping.

Jacob placed her over the well. The child was strong but was a child after all. Horror was evident on her face. Jacob looked at her fear stricken face. Her eyes were pleading but she did not utter a word. Jacob closed her eyes tightly and pushed her.
"Faatherr...!" she cried and caught hold of the rope.
Jacob opened his eyes and pulled the rope hurriedly. He held her up in his arms, raised his sword and headed towards the village to fight for the life of his child.

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