Saturday, 28 June 2014


It has been four years since you were taken away from me by the cruelty of fate. I still remember your beautiful face when you smiled in that orange dress. The tears flowing from my eyes still wish that they could stop to see you smile, to challenge the brightness of the sun, to put the winter drizzles to shame but Alas! you're gone, far beyond the realms of my world. While I run in this wilderness laden with the falling snow flakes I appear cold and numb but inside I can feel the warmth of your blazing love. You'll never know how lonely I am left without you. Yet again I want to hold you, to hold you and cry out my pain on your shoulders, to hear your heart beat for me, to hold your hand tight but all's vanished, vanished like the vapours in air.

I've never seen any sunrises or sunsets after your left... it seems everything has just, just stopped happening. Sometimes everything is so blindingly bright that I am unable to open my eyes while at other times it's all darkness, darkness encompassing everything, far and wide. I don't like anything here. I want to be united with you for eternity.

Every year on this very day I look up to see your face and I see you, I...I see your rosy cheeks have turned pale and your eyes swollen. You've also cried time and again since then. I want to wipe off the drops from your face and tell you to stop crying, tell you that one day we will meet, again. But I hate it when I can't touch your face. It seems I've lost all my strength to even raise my hands up to your face.

You put a red rose at my grave and burst into more tears. Then you run away and leave me, leave me to sleep and wait for another year.

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